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Tianjin Shengxin Sports Goods Co., Ltd.
  Tianjin Shengxin sporting goods Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is the only fitness sporting goods manufacturer in Jinghai District, Tianjin. The company is located in tangguantun processing and logistics zone, Jinghai District, Tianjin, a hot economic area in Jinghai. The transportation and logistics are convenient, and the location advantage is obvious. The company specializes in the design and construction of stadiums and gymnasiums, and the production and operation of outdoor fitness equipment, indoor fitness equipment, cage football, multi-function playground, school sports equipment, teaching equipment, advanced basketball stands, volleyball columns, badminton columns, tennis column series, outdoor protective nets and isolation belts; And customized all kinds of non-standard equipment according to customer needs. The company has the manufacturing and sales of first-class medical devices and testing instruments. Metal structure manufacturing, container manufacturing and metal products R & D and sales. More than 100 products produced and operated have all passed the certification of the National Sports Center, and have obtained more than 30 patents.
The path products developed by the company were selected as the equipment of the 13th National Games.
The company is recognized as: national high-tech enterprise, National Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise, Tianjin Municipal demonstration unit, Jinghai district enterprise technology center, etc.
The full coverage of national certification of products, specialization of after-sales service, intellectualization of production equipment, automation and other contents involved by the company will greatly improve the refinement and safety of products. Since the implementation of the project, the popularity and reputation of "Shengxin" brand have been continuously improved. The implementation and continuous improvement of the project have had a positive social impact, and Shengxin brand and Shengxin products have been widely recognized by the society, The production and operation of sports fitness equipment covered by this project has long-term and broad development prospects and strong sustainability. Pursuing high quality and setting a benchmark for the fitness sports equipment manufacturing industry, Shengxin will become the top enterprise in the industry.
Current situation of the company:
Due to the increasingly diversified and personalized market demand, our company is currently improving and developing new products: first-generation plastic wood equipment, second-generation smart equipment, stainless steel series equipment, strength equipment, etc. New products will show versatility, serialization, intelligence, simplification, artistry, etc. The research and development of new products is mainly to meet people's needs, improve the amenity of products, and make users convenient and comfortable.
Future development trend of the company:
The goal is to build a public service system for national fitness. Focusing on meeting the needs of the people, we will coordinate the construction of national fitness venues and facilities, and build a higher level of national fitness public service system. According to the "14th five year plan", it is an important measure to create a new carrier of national fitness, improve people's quality of life, improve the quality of urban life, and solve the problem of "where to go for fitness". The company will take physical fitness as an important element, integrate with the natural ecology, and provide a green public space with various functions, such as improving ecology, beautifying the environment, physical fitness, sports and leisure, entertainment and rest, disaster prevention and risk avoidance. It is our duty to resolutely implement the relevant decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, combined with our own functional positioning, fully serve the major projects during the "14th five year plan" period, give play to the function of "being a leader and making up for weaknesses" and the role of counter cyclical regulation, and continue to strengthen the efforts to make up for weaknesses in the field of people's livelihood.