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Corporate culture
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Shengxin Mission:

Mission is the responsibility and task of the company.

Strengthen the national body and help the Chinese renaissance.

[Explanation] All production and management behaviors of Shengxin Sports are related to the prosperity of the national nation. Sheng Xin’s responsibility is not only to earn money to support the family, but also to revive the country’s national prosperity. What we are doing is not simply the industry of fitness equipment, but more importantly, a cause of benefiting the country and the people. This mission reflects the high style and grandeur of Shengxin people. This is by no means an unrealistic singer, but the true sense of our Shengxin people's sense of responsibility and deep sense of responsibility.


Shengxin Vision:

The vision is to describe what state the company will become in the future and to reflect the ideal ambition of Shengxin people.

Based on the fitness field, pursue the all-around champion.

[Explanation] Since its establishment, Shengxin Sports has specialized in manufacturing and operating fitness equipment. Since its development, the company has accumulated rich resources in the field of fitness equipment production and management, including technology, market, talents and brands. . Therefore, we must develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses, stick to this field, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and make enterprises bigger and stronger.

To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is to pursue the six leading versatility of quality standardization, management refinement, service sensation, brand internationalization, scale maximization and benefit optimization through continuous learning and innovation, and finally reach the leading position in the same industry.


Shengxin core values:

The core values ​​are the soul and genes of the company, and they are the most basic and core concepts of the company.

Based on DXN, results-oriented

[Explanation] The first half of the sentence is about being a person. Whether it is Shengxin employees or Shengxin company, we must adhere to the social moral bottom line and must pay attention to honesty and credit. Moral corruption, failure to keep promises will eventually fail.

The second half speaks about doing things. We must adhere to results-oriented and goal-oriented. As far as Shengxin Company is concerned, it is necessary to win the market with high-quality products and services, and to make profits. The company must do the same for employees who do not let the employees with excellent performance suffer, and the people with poor performance do not take advantage of it. As far as Shengxin employees are concerned, they must maintain their business personality, advocate value exchange, and strive to exchange the excellent work results for the company's generous treatment. To this end, the company must implement a performance appraisal system, and all departments must formulate practical and feasible performance appraisal methods, and strive to be fair and fair in the treatment of employees.


Shengxin Spirit:

The spirit of enterprise is the overall style of the company and reflects the mental state of the employees.

Beyond self, team battle, honesty and self-discipline, and public interest first.


Beyond self. As Shengxin Company, we must continuously achieve self-transcendence, improve business performance and management level year by year, and continuously advance towards the goal of all-round champions; as Shengxin employees, we must constantly improve our ideological and moral level and technical level through self-cultivation. And business capabilities.

Team combat. Strongly establish team awareness, carry forward the team's combat spirit, and resolutely oppose individual heroism. It must be consciously aware that any success is not achieved by someone or a few people, and leaving the team will result in nothing. This requires that all departments should work closely together. Each employee should actively help other colleagues to do their work while doing their job well, and must replenish the platform and not dismantle the platform. When a department or an employee encounters difficulties at work, other departments or other employees must take the initiative to help, and never allow to stand by and even gloat.

Integrity and self-discipline. <quo;Integrity" is the money that should not be taken firmly. Shengxin employees, especially Shengxin cadres must maintain a good atmosphere of honesty and integrity, and must not use their position to seek illegitimate interests for themselves or their relatives and friends. “Self-discipline” is self-discipline, control desire, adhere to the moral bottom line, consciously abide by national laws and regulations, abide by Shengxin culture and all rules and regulations, and put its own behavior and power into the cage of the system. (That is, don't break through the bottom line: moral bottom line, legal bottom line, cultural bottom line, system bottom line)

The public interest is the first. Personal interests must be subject to collective interests, local interests must be subject to overall interests, and immediate interests must be subject to long-term interests. All actions of employees must be based on the interests of the company. The public interest is the first, the private interest is behind, is the basic principle of every Shengxin employee to do things.


Shengxin employee code of conduct:

Promoting: Strict self-discipline, continuous improvement, courage to take responsibility, and study and practice.

Objection: good friends, negative absenteeism, mountain mentality, parental style.